Monday, November 30, 2009

Sustainable Enterprise System: Concept of Producer Company

'Sustainable Enterprise System' is a community based, paced, managed & owned in Rural Orissa. The initiative was supported by NABARD-XIMB Sustainable Trust and the entity is resisted under Producers' Company Act, 2008.
The connecting link among the farmers (producers) and to the market (Consumer). The various agriculture produces like cow peas, sesame and black peas are grown in the hills of the tribe in a organic manner. The enterprise system contributes towards bridge up the gap among producers and getting the right value of their produces.




Anonymous said...

Dear Pratyush, CONGRATS!!!!!!Keep it up!!!

This is just the begining....u will shine in future if u go this way....:)

mukta said...

Hi Pratyush,
keep it up have started...Proud of you!!!!!:)

Prangya Paramita said...

Dear Pratyush, really it's a good initiative.... I must stay it's commendable...... just go ahead.

It's a welcome step..... so definitely everybody would welcome it from the core of their heart.

pratyush srichandan said...

thanks all..for your encouragement...i admire n respect your views...